Natural, Safe and Effective: Kidney Stone Herbal Remedy

There are many natural cures for kidney stones and a kidney stone herbal remedy may be your preferred method of dealing with nephrolithiosis.

• Aloe Vera juice

• Ginko biloba extract

• Goldenseal extract (limited and never during pregnancy)

• Lobelia and yam tincture (15 drops in glass of warm water relaxes ureters and relieves pain)

• Marshmallow root tea (cleanses kidneys)

• Uva ours (relieves pain and bloating)

• Cleavers

• Gravel root

• Horsetail

• Juniper berries

Nettles have long been used as a diuretic. The idea being that if one urinates more frequently, the urine will be more diluted and therefore less likely to form kidney stones through crystallization.

Wanna make some nettle tea? Go for it but be careful! Have you ever mistakenly walked through a patch of stinging nettles? OUCH!

Grab some nettle leaves...the smaller ones are less bitter. Boil said leaves and sweeten. Voila! Enjoy!

Asparagus root, birch leaf, couch grass, goldenrod, horsetail, lovage, parsley, and stinging nettle are herbs that all have diuretic properties thus increasing urine volume that is beneficial in reducing kidney stone buildup.

Chanca Piedra ("stone crusher")

A kidney stone herbal remedy from South America called Chanca Piedra. Has it worked for you?

My favorite kidney stone beverages...

While we are at it, coffee is not necessarily an herb but as a kidney stone beverage it should be imbibed in moderation. It does provide some beneficial qualities for kidney stone sufferers--increased fluid intake, diuretic, etc. But, be sure to re-hydrate as the fluid leaving your body needs to be replaced! Dehydration and low urine production is one of the leading causes of kidney stones.

I have also found benefits from drinking a hot water and vinegar concoction as well as cranberry juice .Be advised, there are experts that will advise some kidney stone sufferers against drinking cranberry juice. I understand their concern, but I cannot argue with personal results. It increases urine production and has helped me to pass a few stones.

Cranberry juice has long been know to combat yeast/bladder infections. If you have ever had a bladder infection you know the discomfort that accompanies the infection. Cranberry juice does the trick!

Lemons and lemonade have been know to act as natural cures for kidney stones. The citric acid increases citrate levels in the bladder. Elevated citrate levels help to decrease oxalate levels in the urine thus helping to prevent the formation of calcium oxalate kidney stones.

Vitamin supplements like Magnesium Citrate and Potassium Citrate have been shown in studies to prevent stone formation by increasing urinary citrate levels. Read more about kidney stones and potassium citrate.

Does anyone have experience with this kidney stone remedy? I've seen it all over the web, but have not tried it myself. I'd appreciate your feedback.

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