Kidney Stone in the Bladder

There are two categories for a "kidney stone in the bladder":

-stones that are formed in the kidneys that pass through the ureters and into the bladder before being expelled.

-stones that form and develop in the bladder itself.

Stones that are formed in the kidneys (kidney stone in the bladder)

When a kidney stone develops in the kidneys and begins to travel down the ureter, renal colic, or kidney stone pain results. The pain is caused as the stone, usually with sharp barbs, scrapes its way down the ureter and into the bladder. As the stone travels down the ureter it usually causes bleeding which can lead to a urinary tract infection or UTI.

Once the kidney stone has reached the bladder, the horrible pain is, for the most part, over. Removing the kidney stone from the bladder is usually solved through urination. Increased water intake can help the process along if you are having trouble expelling the kidney stone.

If you want to get a look at the little kidney stone in the bladder, make sure to use a urine strainer because sometimes the offending stone will be very small and hard to catch otherwise. Or, it may be large enough to pick right out of the bowl with your fingers!

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Stones that form in the bladder itself

Removal of bladder stone.

Same stone next to ruler.

This kidney stone in the bladder photo shows just how big a stone can grow in the bladder. Stones formed in the kidneys don't grow this big.

In fact bladder stones are not really kidney stones at all, but begin their formation in the bladder when their are prolonged bladder voiding complications.

Bladder stones occur more frequently in men than in women. Men with prostate problems are at a greater risk for developing bladder stones dut to the problem that sufferers have in voiding their bladder.

If the urethra has been restricted, (i.e.- urethral strictures) from trauma, surgery or previous STD's, bladder stones may develop due to the constricted urethra. The constricted urethra causes a reduction in bladder outflow.

Reduced urine outflow

When urine outflow is reduced, a back-up occurs and urine becomes more concentrated in the bladder and therefore provides an environment for urine crystallization to occur. Just like regular kidney stones, if the urine is allowed to become concentrated, crystals start to form and then start to grow.

When urine outflow is restricted, pressure in the bladder increases which may lead to small pouches being formed off of the bladder called diverticula.

People who have spinal complications such as spinal stenosis also have a greater incidence of bladder stones. Spinal stenosis is caused when the spinal column narrows, usually with age, and places pressure on the spinal cord. This pressure may cause lower urinary tract complications.

Women may develop bladder stones if they have a history of bladder problems or genetic bladder malfunction, but by far, most bladder stones are found in men

In the third world, bladder stones are prevalent among young boys who are malnourished, in contrast to the Western developed world where high protein diets are often blamed for stone formation.

The highest incidence of bladder stones in children today is found in boys under the age of ten in Asia.

Proper nutrition prevents juvenile bladder stone formation. Where children in third world have access to milk, the incidence of bladder stones disappears.

During the 1800's bladder stones were widespread in Europe and it wasn't until greater affluence came during the Industrial Revolution that bladder stones were eradicated. (Source "No More Kidney Stones" by Rodman & Sosa)

Prostatitis and Bladder Stones

Some men develop prostatitis, or inflammation of the prostate, that causes frequent and urgent need to urinate and/or a very weak urine stream. Sometimes it is caused by infection and sometimes not. I prostatitis is accompanied with fever and chills, an infection is most likely present. If a man has prostatitis, there will usually be a problem with voiding the bladder, leading to a concentrated urine and the potential for kidney stones and kidney stones in the bladder, or bladder stones.

Prostatitis may also be caused by a sudden decrease in sexual activity. The problem is usually solved when sexual activity is resumed. I experienced this after the birth of our third child and it was very uncomfortable! The problem disappeared using a very old and proven kidney stone home remedy:)

Treatment for kidney stone in the bladder and/or bladder stones

Although the anatomy of the lower urinary tract may be compromised and complications arise, so called "kidney stones in bladder" may be treated and minimized by proper diet and medical treatment.

It is important to note that medical treatment is almost always necessary when dealing with kidney stones in the bladder. Seek out your physician and/or urologist to take care of this potentially dangerous condition.

A diet regime of reduced protein will most likely be in order including a lowered intake of animal meats.

Alcohol consumption can make prostate and bladder voiding complications worse and should be moderated.

If the stone is simply a kidney stone in the bladder and is just trying to make its way out, drink more water! You'll be glad you did.

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