Kidney Stone Medication

Kidney stone medications are necessary when you have tried other natural kidney stone treatments and seen little success. If you have changed your diet and increased your water intake and are still forming kidney stones, your physician may prescribe medication. Some medications such as calcium channel blockers are designed to help pass the stones.

Other kidney stone medications are effective in dissolving kidney stones and preventing the formation of new kidney stones. About 80-85% of stones are of the calcium oxalate variety. In that case your physician may prescribe a thiazide, a diuretic that enhances calcium absorption, along with potassium citrate. Potassium citrate as well as magnesium citrate has proven effective in preventing and dissolving kidney stones by increasing citrate levels in the urine.

As far as uric stones go, your physician may administer potassium citrate along with sodium bicarbonate to raise the alkaline level of the urine.

Allopurinol may also be used to prevent the body from making too much uric acid.

Less than 1% of all kidney stones are of the cystine variety. Penicillamine, tiopronin, and captopril may be prescribed which helps reduce the likelihood of cystine stone development.

If your kidney stones are cystine or uric stones, you may be looking at a lifelong program of these medications.

As you can see potassium citrate and magnesium citrate are the heavy lifters in dissolving kidney stones and the prevention of kidney stones. As far as dealing with the kidney stone pain ,non steroidal anti-inflammatories or NSAID's are the preferred over-the-counter pain-killers.

Thiazides are diuretics that are used to treat hypertension and are also helpful in preventing kidney stones. Thiazides lower urinary calcium, which is crucial in preventing calcium based stones.

There is a category of drugs called alpha-adrenoceptor antagonists or "alpha blockers" that have proven effective in treating kidney stones. The most popular drug is Flomax (Tamsulosin).

Hopefully, these medications will do the trick; if not you may be looking at kidney stone surgery.

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Flomax for Kidney Stones

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