Kidney Stone Pictures

Here is a sampling of the various kidney stone pictures. It always feels good to share how PAINFUL the experience was.

As you can see, they look like medieval torture devices! The protruding barbs and hooks scrape the tender interior of the ureters as the stone makes its way to the bladder.

my first kidney stone

My First Kidney Stone

My first (and hopefully only) kidney stone. It's about 3mm at it's longest point. See more. This kidney stone was removed from my wife's right kidney by open surgery in July. We live in Siberia...Read more...

3cm cystine kidney stone

3 cm kidney stone, possible Cystine

This kidney stone was removed from my wife's right kidney by open surgery in July. We live in Siberia...Read more...


Just under .5 inches, its about 11 mm

I've had kidney stones before and I was not in much pain this time, but there were blood clots in my urine...Read more...

Calcium Oxalate Kidney Stone

Calcium Oxalate Kidney Stone

I started with kidney pain in August, and finally passed this stone in December... Read more...


1/4" x 1/2" kidney stone...

I've never thought I had stones. Once every blue moon I would get a burning or stinging right at the end of urination...Read more...

I curse the kidney stone!

I Curse the Kidney Stone!

Ok, let me first tell you that the something to not wish on your worst enemy!...Read more...

renal colic kidney stone

Spike the Kidney Stone!

I had a "classic" attack of renal colic (sudden drop-to-your knees pain, mostly under the right rib cage.)...Read more...

3 mm kidney stone

3 mm stone

This caused me HORRIFIC pain. The pain Started at 1pm in the afternoon. I have never had a kidney stone before...Read more... 

large calcium oxalate kidney stone

One of many calcium oxalate stones...

One of my best kidney stone pictures! It was calcium oxalate, the variety that 85-90% of kidney stone sufferers develop. Oddly enough, this one did not send me to the hospital nor give me much trouble although it was the biggest one I've passed.

Interestingly enough this stone was passed without that much pain. I did have discomfort in the left, front flank and eventually what felt like a urinary tract infection, but the size of this stone would have surely produced tremendous pain.

I was also experiencing pain in my testicle on the same side as the stone/ureter. There are some explanations for this, but I do not know them. If you do, please share below.

As you might imagine, the protruding barbs do a number on the sensitive lining of the ureter as they make their way down to the bladder. Bleeding, spasm and urine blockage result causing the extreme pain associated with the passing of a kidney stone.

Drinking large amounts of water and taking a pain reliever will help in the 'delivery'. Ibuprofen is my pain reliever of choice.

Nice Rock!

The kidney stone image next to the ring was passed by my sister, who has passed several stones. This one was huge! My sister has been hospitalized for stones, but not for this one!

Don't let size deceive you. Stones the size of a large grain of pepper can also be very painful.

Both of my parents and one of my three sisters have all passed stones.

Heredity certainly is one indication of potential nephrolithiasis.

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"People don't make stones that fast!" 
I had my first experience with kidney stones about 3 months ago. I was a nurse for about 30 years and had seen the agony people are in with them. I …

What a Stone! 
I was diagnosed with kidney stone in my left kidney last April 15, 2013. I underwent CT Stonogram, KUB X-ray, and urinalysis. My BUN, Uric, Calcium and …

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