Kidney Stone Stent

A kidney stone stent may be just what the doctor ordered to allow your pain maker to "move along now".

When the kidney stone leaves the kidney it travels down the ureter on its way to the bladder. The ureter is where the pain really ramps up! The straw like ureter is the pinch-point for the offending stone causing severe discomfort. The tortuous road down the ureter can last for hours, days or even weeks.

If all goes well, the stone passes into the bladder and the excitement is over. Those that have problems passing the stone or have had multiple previous stones may be candidates for a stent.

A ureteral stent serves to keep the ureter unblocked and unobstructed. This allows for the urine to pass freely around the lodged stone.

Stents may also be used after the ureter has been irritated or inflamed after an ureteroscopy , a process where the kidney stone is removed from the urethra by an endoscope. An endoscope is a fiber-optic device that is passed up the urethra, through the bladder and into the ureter.

KS911 Reader Submission:

Golf-ball size calcium oxalate stone that was laser-blasted in surgery (kidney stone stent)

For several months I was experiencing some right back pain, which at times was extremely uncomfortable. Lying down in bed and resting seemed to relieve it. I just thought I had pulled my back out picking up grandkids, or that perhaps I was constipated and that was causing me to have pain, or??? Then I started noticing that the pain was moving to my right groin area. The pain would often recede and return, and taking a hot bath and/or Aleve seemed to help.

Confused...never even considered it being a kidney stone. Did not have what I thought to be symptoms consistent with I look back and can see the signs. It just seemed to be a mixture of lots of things happening, with nothing clearly indicated. At 53 yrs. of age I was baffled because I thought I knew my body better.

My regular Dr. ordered a CT scan to see if we could determine the cause of my pain, and both blood work and urinalysis. When I went to give a urine sample, I could not believe the color - it looked like rusty water. I had not even noticed before that my urine looked bad. I knew then something was up - indeed blood in my urine.

My Dr. then referred to me to a Urologist who told me that I had a golf-ball size stone in my kidney that was floating around and causing me pain when it hit up against my kidney. When I asked him how long I had it (I was shocked) - his reply was "for years". He then scheduled me for surgery to go thru the bladder/ureter and use a laser to blast it and allow the small pieces to pass thru a stent placed at that time. Read more.

Passing a Kidney Stone

Kidney Stone Treatments

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