"Spike" the 4.5 mm kidney stone

by Peter Lang
(Kaministiquia, ON, Canada)

4.5mm kidney stone

4.5mm kidney stone

On Oct 13/11 I had a 'classic' attack of renal colic (sudden drop-to-your knees pain, mostly under the right rear rib cage), and had my neighbour drive me to Emergency at my local hospital (20 miles away) -- barfing a couple of times along the way. I had had such an attack a year and a half earlier, so I recognized the syndrome -- which didn't lessen the pain, but did lessen the anxiety. However, at the hospital I sure didn't want another CT scan as I'm also aware of the dangers of excessive radiation, and CT scans are multiple x-ray images. Anyway, as it happened to be the same doctor I'd seen previously, he agreed not to do the CT scan, gave me immediate morphine, oxycotin-to-go, and sent me home to wait for the stone to pass. Essentially, I had 4-5 sets of 'contractions' over about 7 hrs on that occasion. Unfortunately, by the time I got to the hospital, waited in the waiting room, and got the painkillers, I really only used them for the last couple of contraction sets.

On Oct 23/11 after 10 days of peeing through a sieve with no stone forthcoming, I had another severe attack in the kidney area, and again used the oxycotin to effect through 4-5 sets of contractions (another 6 hours or so). That scared me though, as I understood the value of the CT scan was to guage how many stones and how large -- and if it (they) were still in the kidney. But, with the judicious use of painkillers I decided to 'hold out', stay home, and hope that the stone would yet pass through the kidney. I don't know if it was just lodged there for 10 days without pain, or what? But what may have re-activated the expulsion was some very strenuous physical activity I did earlier in the day (I broke up a beaver dam that was threatening a bridge on my rural property).

It was shortly after that that I sought the

web for answers and happened on to your website. Being able to hear other peoples' stories gave me more confidence. By that time I had begun to believe that the second kidney attack had actually dispelled the stone, and that it was now lodged at the prostate -- which my physician had previously determined to be enlarged. My reason for thinking so was that I had a kind of pinching pain at that spot, through to the penis. Not a bad pain, but one that could possibly have been mistaken for a urinary infection. My reasoning, however, was that I hadn't had such an infection before, so most likely it was the stone itself. I knew from my first stone, and from the photos on your site that kidney stones are barbed, so that would explain the pinching feeling.

Then, on Nov 5/11 for two hours I had quite a hard, convulsing pain at the prostate. I took oxycotin again for the third time, and the pain finally resolved. Logic suggested that the stone had passed the prostate.

Finally on Nov 7/11 I clearly felt the stone flush down from the prostate to the end of the penis -- as it had done when I had my first stone a year and a half ago. It stayed there for a couple of hours, beyond reach, but I drank a couple of litres of water, held off the urge to pee for as long as I could -- and then finally pushed it out with the next pee.

A bit gross for those who haven't yet experienced it all -- but I hope, informative for those who are just 'learning'.

Thanks for the information. Knowledge is power. Drink more water! Keep the kidney minerals dilute.

The Best To You All at 9/11,

Peter Lang
Kaministiquia, ON, Canada

(By the way, after I gave birth to my stone I named him "Spike". I didn't weigh him, but he was 4.5 mm or almost 3/16" long. I'll pass him along to my Doc.)

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