Symptoms of Dehydration

Kidney stones are one of the many symptoms of dehydration. Other symptoms include:

• irritability

• dry eyes and mouth

• painful joints

• depression

• fatigue

• light-headedness/weakness

• dry skin

• confusion

• dark/concentrated urine

• loss of appetite

• thirst

(These are also signs of dehydration in children.)

Some people have, for one reason or another, suppressed their natural thirst.

They have decided for one reason or another that drinking lots of fluids leads to more trips to the bathroom, which is seen as an inconvenience or nuisance.

Some work environments are less conducive to relieving one's self, i.e.-construction sites.

It only takes one kidney stone episode to get over this inconvenience.

Dehydration can have some serious complications:

• increased heart rate

• decreased perspiration

• elevated temperature

• headaches

• nausea

• fever

• muscle spasms

• loss of vision

• seizures

• unconsciousness

• concentrated urine

This last complication is the leading cause of kidney stones and symptoms of dehydration. If the urine is not kept diluted, an environment exists for the formation of crystals that lead to kidney stones. It is essential to increase fluid intake to prevent kidney stones. Until there is a "cure", this is it! Drink more water!

If a person is showing signs of dehydration, give them water, but be sure to have them drink it slowly by sipping. Drinks like Gatorade and Powerade are also helpful to replace electrolytes. If they are also suffering from heat stroke or heat exhaustion, having them suck on a popsicle will help to cool their body temperature down.

If a person is showing serious signs of dehydration and there is doubt about what to do, go to the hospital or contact your physician! Dehydration can kill!

How do you prevent dehydration?


You have to pay attention to how much water you are drinking, especially in hot climates or when undergoing heavy physical exertion. Pay attention to the color of your urine. Dark yellow=bad (concentrated)…clear=good (diluted).

Not only will you prevent kidney stones by drinking sufficient amounts of fluids, but you will also be doing the rest of your body a favor: better vision, clearer thinking, better elimination, glowing skin, improved emotional outlook, hydrated joints, more comfortable contacts, shinier hair, etc. The list goes on!

I have believed this to be true from experience, but the book "Your Body's Many Cries For Water" reveals one Doctor's practice in treating various diseases with water. A simple solution to many ailments with many illustrated symptoms of dehydrations. Check it out:

Nine Ways to Drink More Water

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